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Look! Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Sign Up for Obamacare!

Get ready to be fined if you dont submit ! http://finance.yahoo.com/news/heres-happens-dont-sign-obamacare-220458373.html http://www.advisory.com/Daily-Brief…

22 Responses to Look! Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Sign Up for Obamacare!

  1. tbone eagle says:

    class 2 life sustaining & giving implantable….

  2. largraf says:

    What do you call that guy in that movie that pretended to be a doctor – and got away with it for years?


  3. Kenny Cheung says:

    What the fuck is Obama care?

  4. Kenny Cheung says:

    Wtf this is fucking screws up

  5. Bhutchin09 says:

    Yeah, because everything would be fine and dandy if Romney had won. The president makes no difference. Things will not change. They are just a face at the podium and a person to blame shit on (not that they are not responsible for their actions).

  6. dana d says:

    Obamacare is an act to towards socialized medicine! You will no longer see a doctor but pharmacyst or a nurse, if you have a serious medical conditions they will send you home with tylenol and tell you to come back in 6 months. I know a phyician, he says there are fewer doctors going into medicine because it takes 12 years of education and 150,000 of debt to pay for it, Obamacare does not want doctors to care for the public, they want to be your doctor, think about it!

  7. Eric Martindale says:

    Arguments against Obamacare you’ve never heard before. This is the real impact on the urban working class without insurance. Ultimately the Dem’s will turn against Obamacare because of this.

    Go into Youtube and see my video entitled: Obamacare on the Working Class = a disaster

  8. grantrmoore says:

    Illuminati sucks!

  9. qlity jazz says:

    democrats and republicans are fictitious applications, designed to maintain division rather than unity. Go figure. Although many did indeed vote for obama, don’t believe such is necessary to install desired puppet. Oh, and btw, the alternative was no better, much less erudite and probably of less use to TPTB. Obama is doing what THEY want and the party BS is fulfilling its role as well. Only ONE hope, and it’s not your friendly and ubiquitous couch potato. Do pray.

  10. tredashere says:

    Did you know our prez is not part of the program? He should be the example.

  11. mannotperson says:

    Fuck Obama Care, Fuck Obama. It’s all corrupt, THEY’RE all corrupt. Until WE swarm en’mass, NOTHING will change and don’t kid yourselves that it will. Has asking the school yard bully nicely to stop being a bully ever worked? No, it’s not until you turn around and smash that mother fucker in the face that he stops. God isn’t going to save us either, we have to save ourselves (like we did when the British were here) or we’re going to get more of the same shit sandwich we’ve all gotten used to!!

  12. d2echronic says:

    Louisiana and up looks like a man wearing a hat..

  13. Thinbobberz says:

    Oh yeah, that makes sense… let’s just let Mitt Romney in instead and have him turn the entire damn county into his own Monopoly board! Obamacare is meant to help people, it’s not some corrupt thing to destroy or nation, you would be a complete fool not to sign up for it in the first place!

  14. Annajany87 says:

    OH BOO HOO! Seriously all of crying over this? This is to create AFFORTABLE health care. And the penalization is pretty reasonable. We might not all agree but this is a step. Honestly anyone criticzing it and are scared of it being socialized medicine (which by the way socialist countries are actually doing very well for themselves). Don’t give in to ignorant American paranoia from the 50’s. THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY IS GREEDY AND CORRUPT and this system will put them in check.

  15. Annajany87 says:

    And btw….the IRS wants 10,000 from me for and unresonable reason (Hi Im a student and I have nothing)..so if we are going to cry about fines, there are a lot more worse things we need to get handled first if that the concern.

  16. pettyofficer30 says:

    Arrest me! I refuse the government bullshit.

  17. pettyofficer30 says:

    Since when is an E.R. visit free? Unless it’s non citizen’s (Illeagal Aliens) visiting the E.R. for a hang nail and the common cold. That’s why health care is so expensive in this stupid country.

  18. Juggernaut81886 says:

    I dont even have health insurance, so it would be better than nothing. Yall just paranoid

  19. BonerMaroner says:

    I stood in a Hospital waiting for my wife, I talked with people there, asked them why they come to the hospital for routine visits? 50% told me they had insurance but the deductible was so high they could just go to the hospital get the best care and and pay nothing to the insurance company. (R)s know that Middle man (Insurance industry) can’t compete with government, as we all know the more people in the pool the cheaper it is for everyone Fact pal.

  20. BonerMaroner says:

    I have seen people say he is not a Christian or even born in America. Obamacare means so much to businesses and individuals, no know more leans on your home or property means no more bankruptcy no leans on people who get sick. I can’t figure why (R)s don’t want to help the old and sick they must be Christians for teachings in the Bible I have never been able to find in 30 years of study. I was (R) now I see the illusion of trickle down being anything but true.

  21. pettyofficer30 says:

    Could you please make a point? I said nothing about (R)’s or (D)’s you idiot! You know doubt are a hired government schill working for the Communist regime tring to dissuade opinion. PAL!

  22. Danny Kroll says:

    Blacks will be impacted the most, but they wanted Obama. They will use this to penalize us, create a debt & have you work off your what you owe the IRS in debt prisons. That’s why they’ve been creating FEMA Camps and that’s why they need you disarmed. You can’t tell monkeys nothing they will just say you are making it up because Obama is Black. Yes, they will actually think this and not even Google the issue. The rich have fled the US & we have already seen the brain drain of the USA.

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