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Solutions for An Aging Population

In Bolzano, Italy, almost a quarter of the population is over the age of 65. In fact, Italy, along with Japan, has one of the oldest populations in the world…

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  1. Infinite101001 says:

    Let us ask WATSON for guidance.

  2. Julie Craft says:

    Very impressive. Allows seniors to continue to live at home and not invade their privacy.
    This is something that hits very close to home for me with a Mom and Mother-in-law both on their own now.

  3. ElizaAsh02 says:

    Dear Watson……lol

  4. Holly Nielsen says:

    Such a caring, human-centric technological success story.

  5. donnafromnyc says:

    This activities of daily living (ADL) behavioral monitoring technology’s been around since 2004–QuietCare (now Care Innovations, but developed by Living Independently Group 2002-2009), WellAWARE, Healthsense, GrandCare Systems. Nice that IBM’s copped on it–I wonder what their base tech operates on and who (other than some social service organization in Bolzano) monitors. Then if something happens, what is the response?

  6. emil guillen says:

    lets just make money off of old people and then without knowing every human population goes extinct as it is going to happen now.

  7. Clyde Fernandez says:

    Good story – key point for me here is facilitating people staying in places they are familiar and comfortable with, their home, their community, etc. This is applicable to all of us, regardless of our abilities.

  8. Richard Ueberfluss says:

    This is an amazing tip that works great to remember new information. When faced with new information that must be retained, associate it with something that is very familiar to you. By creating a bond between two separate ideas, you are making the most of an already familiar concept.

  9. darthvader5300 says:

    It only TEMPORARILY solves the problem of demographic aging depopulation of growing dependent pensioners dependent on a vanishing number of young tax paying working people while ignoring the real cause of aging populations. And in the end the real problem of demographic aging populations REMAINS UNSOLVED and allowed to become worse by preventing people seeing the real problem and the real answer to it which can only accomplish by having more babies to provide the future with a future generation!

  10. darthvader5300 says:

    This video only prevents people seeing the real answer to an aging depopulating population by providing a temporary monetary solution which does not solve the real problem at all which is LACK OF BABIES! It can only work temporarily while there is still a small and still contracting number of young people working on it but as these young people grows old without having sufficient kids or no kids at all, then the real problem is still with them and unsolved. YES, UNSOLVED!

  11. darthvader5300 says:

    This will result in the Italian people asking this one very important question. WHO WILL BE PUSHING OUR WHEEL CHAIRS WHEN ALL OF US ARE IN WHEEL CHAIRS? Imagine the future of a very small staff of young people tending the needs of vast numbers of dependent elderly on an almost heroic scale until the system starts to unravel, not enough young people to tend them all! Not to mention to maintaining the life-supporting socio-economic physical economy’s infra-technostructures.

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